I grew up with a mom and grandmother who were the original flip masters. They also had an uncanny eye and irrepressible spirit. Through this site I hope to encourage and inspire you in the areas of style and spirit. I will be sharing my thoughts, creative ideas, lessons learned and fun finds. Take what you like and leave the rest. And remember – always make it yours!




table settings: the fall edition


It is no big secret that I love dishes and setting tables creatively. So when I found a cute vintage set of plaid plates I had an idea...what if I took the dishes and created different looks with them?! Ahhhh, I love a good dish challenge!

I am using these great finds from late summer/early fall, through Halloween, and into late fall. Three unique & different looks. I want you to see how truly easy it is to add variety to your every day table.

Soooo...let the first Great Dish Challenge begin!


Anchoring the plaid plate on a white charger allows you to use late summer and early fall blossoms like daisies or hydrangea. Small ironstone pitchers or vases are great for bouquets. A pitcher of water with lemon slices and whole lemons around the setting (did ya read my last blog?) complete the picture. Using white roses gives the table a slightly dressier look. And don’t be afraid to introduce another color altogether. The blue and brown in the linen napkin is echoed in the rattan charger and hydrangea, creating a bit more fall-ish look.


I start with one of my favorite placemats—a pumpkin shaped painted canvas mat. I use to sell these and unfortunately they are no longer available. But you can make one by cutting a piece of canvas (found at your local art store) into any shape and painting it with craft paint and sealing it.  On top of my cute plaid plate I added an orange glass dish I found for $1 at Old Time Pottery.  The cute ghost holds my silverware.  I have had a set of these ghosts for years and honestly have no memory of where I bought them but you might look at somewhere like Pottery Barn or Kirklands. Also, a cute paper “treat bag” (found at the grocery store or Target) does the same thing!  I added a green and white stripe napkin (goes with so many table designs!) and tied it up with leftover ribbon in orange (duh!). A few extras—the place tag is a wooden witch toy that I wrote the name on in sharpie. I put candy corn in some clear votive holders and placed a votive candle in them for more atmosphere and then, the wine. You would be amazed at how many Halloween themed wines are in Kroger (grocery store)! I do not know how good they actually are, but the visual is great!


Back is my rattan charger as a base. I added a plain white plate under the plaid dish in part for contrast and in part because the plaid plate is a little small (luncheon size). If you made some cute pumpkin placemats for Halloween, you can use them all the way through fall. The napkin I found last year at Pier One. It is a classic fall plaid.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns on your table setting! Like clothing, it is a matter of size and texture that makes it work. The napkin is tied with hardware store brown cord/string. I traveled just outside my back door for the next element—fallen leaves from the trees. I know you can buy fake leaves but really, why waste the money. Real leaves hold up fine and can be thrown away after use. (Hint: there will be plenty again next year so no need to save). I tucked a couple in with the napkin and then using my trusty gold sharpie, made a place card out of a larger leaf. How easy is that!

In all of these designs, I used items I had around the house (and yard). So start looking at your “stuff” with a different eye. It is really easy and only requires you being willing to think outside the box and let your inner STYLE shine through!

Until next time—


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